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For Spray Foam Insulation and Weatherization Services

Most homeowners are aware that the main function of their home is to protect them and their belongings from the elements. This is the foundation of what it means to Weatherize a building.

When weatherization professionals are assessing a structure, they focus on four main factors that impact comfort, energy efficiency and quality of life within a home.

These factors are energy transfer, water and moisture, air leakage, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Each of these elements, when not treated properly can make a home hard to condition and possibly, even unsafe.

We do a thorough inspection and come up with a plan to ensure that your home will be as safe and as comfortable as possible.


Sealing air leaks, stopping moisture, and improving insulation are essential components of weatherization.



Spray foam insulation, cellulose or fiberglass, our technicians will make sure that your home as comfortable as it can possibly be.


home energy audits

“If you aren’t testing, you’re guessing.” The first place to start is with a full, in depth evaluation.


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“If you aren’t testing, you’re guessing.” The first place to start to make your home more comfortable, safe and efficient is with a full, in depth evaluation. PEC technicians are trained to assess every part of your homes systems. From the basement to the attic, HVAC systems to insulation levels, the information that we gather will be used to create a comprehensive picture of your home’s performance.

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